Inaugural Speaker Discovery Series

It can be hard to find your chance to shine. If every conference wants experience, how do you get experience speaking at conferences? Based on the highly successful series developed by AFP Toronto, this event will give first-time speakers an opportunity to receive coaching, mentorship, and constructive feedback.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Whitespot, Dunsmuir St. Vancouver

No slideshows allowed. Just a story, a voice, and a little bravery.

For our inaugural event, the AFP Greater Vancouver IDEA and Professional Development committees invite fundraisers to share their stories on the theme of…


How have you dealt with a difficult decision while under pressure? Did you manage to secure an impossible gift? Were you able to save an event that was falling behind? Did you turn around a difficult workplace culture? What was it that got you through those situations and how did you get it?

We don’t always have the option of saying no when an important cause is on the line. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions that can affect our careers and relationships with others if not handled well. Maybe there's something about fundraising that we can all be doing better that you've never had the opportunity to share.

Join us for a night of storytelling as first-time speakers take the stage to bravely share stories about how their grit and determination helped turn difficult situations into successes with their fellow fundraising professionals.

Cost: Free

Never spoken at an event before? Don’t miss your chance! The deadline to sign up is June 21!

**Registration for this event is now closed. If you still wish to attend, please email our office at**